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Not Hyperinflation, but the LaRouches’ Economic Miracle: the World Land Bridge

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TLO—with our featured guest Harley Schlanger. As world hyperinflation, seen in exploding shipping and energy costs, loots and gouges real living standards and wages and disrupts the global supply chain, the ballooning bill is already coming due for the “Great Reset.”

The Venetian/London “financial regime change” under the cover of the Green New Deal, is now being loudly announced in these words: the age of abundance is dead. The United States and Europe will now be put through a Malthusian “shock therapy” controlled dis-integration of the economy. By dis-integration, we mean dismembering. Vladimir Putin, speaking on October 6, talked about European idiocy in energy policy, the folly of short term energy contracts as opposed to long-term investment, and the need to end financial speculation.

That “shock therapy” approach, so well known to Putin, aided by new, unknown pandemics, can, if not stopped, depopulate the very planet itself. China’s and Russia’s standing up for Haiti this past week, thus concretizing the economic premise, and promise, of the Global Development Initiative (GDI) announced by President Xi Jinping at the United Nations, is a Great Reset in another direction. The recently released TLO pamphlet, The Coming US Economic Miracle through the New Silk Road, charts the immediate way ahead. Harley Schlanger will discuss these matters, as well as update current history.