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In the Interest of World Public Health: Shut Down COP26!

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The Glasgow COP26 Summit, starting Halloween, needs a pre-conference exorcism. Will the 25,000 expected attendees be exposed to the most deadly disease on the planet—the Prince Phillip virus? In a 2009 Guardian article, Phillip said: "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.” Phillip, however was only one of a pool of retroviruses convinced of their superiority over human beings.

According to author Donald Gibson:

"In 1970 a book written by the English conservation leader, Max Nicholson, was published; it had a rather assertive title—The Environmental Revolution: A Guide For The New Masters of the World. Nicholson was involved in promoting the Countryside Conference in England. This coincided with America’s first Earth Day, the White House Conference on Natural Beauty, and the formation of the Population Commission led by John D. Rockefeller III.....1970 was also declared European Conservation Year..... In 1970, Prince Phillip (England), Prince Bernhard (Netherlands) and other prominent individuals like Joseph Slater of the Aspen Institute and Aurelio Peccei of the Olivetti Company (later the Club of Rome) were out promoting the revolution."

The Halloween Summit of the “ghouls gone wild” is encountering more and more resistance from the world’s sane nations, more and more trouble in bringing off the zombie green death jamboree’s agenda. That’s good news, but the unravelling of the financial and physical economy is happening so fast, as a result of the tight grasp of the trans-Atlantic financial system’s dead hand on the brain of the living, that we face the question: What do we humans think and do? How do we meet emergency needs anywhere, and re-create nations and economies? The solution is take the LaRouche World Land Bridge to the streets and classrooms of the United States, reviving the American System of physical economy.