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Mobilizing to Defeat the Satanic Intent of Depopulating the Planet

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SI—Friday Questions: On the eve of the FLOP26 genocide conference opening in Glasgow, many of you are asking how we can mobilize a population which has submitted to the narratives designed by Tavistock brainwashers to make people cynical and depressed. Two answers: First — not everyone is submitting, there is deep concern and anger about corruption, inflation, austerity, endless wars, etc. Find those not beaten down, and introduce them to the solutions developed by The LaRouche Organization. Second — use truth, irony, empathy and love to reach the minds and souls of those paralyzed by fear and impotence. The crash of the system is here, as more and more are realizing. Now is not the time to wallow, or look for a safe zone — sign up for the Nov. 13-4 Schiller Institute conference to find out more.