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Russia, China, India: Opposition at COP26

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EIRNS— While Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping did not attend the climate summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attending, though making clear, as TASS notes, that any increase in ambition by states like India to do more on the emissions problem, should be matched by an increase in climate finance commitments from developed nations to developing countries—to the tune of $1 trillion.

TASS also reports that the most important subjects for Russia during these talks, according to Russian Economic Development Minister Maxim Reshetnikov, are the definition of the parameters and prospects for forest climate projects, and the recognition of nuclear energy as a “low-carbon option.”

Izvestia daily reports that Deputy Speaker of the Russian Federation Council Sen. Konstantin Kosachev observed that the Russian President’s key message was that the decisions have to be inclusive and collective. He further declared that, as Putin stated, it is important for all players in the energy market to act responsibly, based on the interests of all sides, and that it is necessary to move on to normal market relations, built exclusively on economic considerations and mutual benefit. Putin had a statement on forestry and improved agricultural technologies, which stressed the globally relevant role of Russian forests in absorbing CO2. It comes under the Russian argument of “climate justice” that looks at the individual countries’ specific situations, rather than imposing “one size fits all” on them.

China’s message to the summit does not contain new definite commitments, but as TASS reports reiterates President Xi’s message to the Oct. 30-31 G20 meeting in Rome: urging countries to “balance environmental protection and economic development, address climate change and safeguard people’s livelihood,” and saying that “major economies should strengthen cooperation in this regard.”

“The G20 members should take the lead in promoting and applying advanced technologies, and developed countries should also earnestly fulfil their commitments to providing funds for developing countries,” TASS quoted Xi as stating.

A detailed report on President Xi’s message was posted to the Foreign Ministry website.