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Schiller Institute’s Goal Is the Value of Human Life: ‘Mankind Must Be the Immortal Species’

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In the brilliant Sunday Nov. 14 morning panel—“There Are No Limits to Growth in the Universe”—of the Schiller Institute’s just-concluded conference, half a dozen leading physicists and climatologists defied the supposed “scientific consensus.” They demonstrated that changes in Earth’s climate result from solar and galactic cycle changes; that atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide do not cause these changes; that warming is largely beneficial; and that mankind meets such changes by adaptation through new infrastructure such as sea gates and flood-control systems.

These scientists courageously discredited, as completely unscientific, the Malthusian “global climate change summit” just concluded in Glasgow, and now aptly called “FLOP26.”

How could anyone believe that the bankers, billionaires and royals at Glasgow cared anything about “global warming”? They repeated exactly what their Malthusian predecessors declared 50 years ago, who had never heard of “global warming” and had no idea the Earth’s temperature was headed in any direction! They demanded lower living standards, shorter lives, fewer human beings.

At the Bucharest UN World Population Conference in 1974, the top Malthusians there—David Rockefeller, Club of Rome chief Aurelio Peccei, and UN official Lester Brown had never heard the golden voice of Al Gore on CO₂, or global warming. And yet, they made the same statements about reducing human living standards and human population—especially in underdeveloped nations—as the top Malthusians at Glasgow, Prince Charles, Klaus Schwab, Mark Carney, Sir Mike Bloomberg, et al. And Peccei’s Club of Rome had published, with vast funds, the book Limits to Growth in 1972, to claim that human population was overburdening the Earth’s resources and had to be reduced.

Aurelio Peccei in Bucharest: “But the basic fact remains that this phenomenal multiplication of human beings is a runaway occurrence of such magnitude that incalculable strains and tensions will be injected into a system already dangerously prone to crises. Man will wipe out the wilderness…. The availability of cheap, plentiful energy—nuclear or otherwise—in the hands of an immature mass society is more likely to propel it toward disaster than any energy shortfall.”

Klaus Schwab today: Infrastructure development to lengthen and improve life in developing countries “reveals the central conundrum of the combat against climate change. The same force that helps people escape from poverty and lead a decent life is the one that is destroying the livability of our planet for future generations. The emissions that lead to climate change are not just the result of a selfish generation of industrialists or Western baby boomers. They are the consequence of the desire to create a better future for oneself.”

Aurelio Peccei in Limits to Growth and in Bucharest, without today’s buzzwords “climate” and “emissions,” yet “knew” that too many human beings, living too fully and well, used resources and interfered with the accumulation of great fortunes by banks and billionaires in the form of huge bubbles of debt. So he claimed these growing human populations would “ruin the planet.” That Rockefeller-funded colonialist spawn of Malthus, just like today’s billionaire-funded head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, sadly concluded that “Third World” people should not be born, or had to die earlier.

Lyndon LaRouche, his future wife Helga Zepp, and his movement declared political war on Peccei et al. in 1972, for resurrecting “Hjalmar Schacht’s fascism”—Hitler’s central banker and economics minister—which would have worked and starved millions to death with or without cyanide gas.

Today the British-led Malthusian geopoliticians of the City of London and Wall Street don’t even bother to cite the fraud of “anthropogenic climate change” when they decide that millions of Afghans must die this winter because the Taliban government cannot be allowed to use Afghanistan’s reserve funds; that millions of Haitians must die because no plan of economic and scientific development for Haiti is possible—when the Schiller Institute has already designed and won support for a very powerful one!

Having held this extremely influential conference, with YouTube’s attempt to keep it off the Internet having been defeated, Helga Zepp-LaRouche declared that the Schiller Institute must now “go full speed ahead” with its initiatives to force release of the Afghan funds; to build Haiti up “from charcoal to fusion energy”; to get at least the United States, China and Russia collaborating and ensure a modern healthcare system capable of fighting pandemics in every country on Earth. Every life must be valued: “Mankind Must Be the Immortal Species.”