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Russia, India, China (RIC) Foreign Ministers Share Video Meeting

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EIRNS—The video meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia, China and India on Nov. 26 was a significant step in consolidating the important trilateral RIC relationship comprising the major countries of Eurasia. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stressed five major principles which he felt should lay the basis for their relationship and serve as their vision for the rest of the world. The five principles are: practicing true multilateralism; respecting the legitimate rights and interests of all countries and independently choosing their own development path; strengthening global anti-epidemic cooperation; promoting economic recovery after the pandemic: and dealing with “hot issues” through dialogue and consultation.

Both Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and India’s Minister of External Affairs Subramanyam Jiashankar expressed the belief that strengthening unity and cooperation among the three countries is the proper meaning of building a multipolar world and has also played a positive role in promoting world peace and stability.

Russia and India supported China taking the presidency next year on the 20th anniversary of the trilateral relationship, and said they would support using the anniversary as an opportunity to enhance the role and the influence of the Russia-China-India cooperation in the world.

Foreign Minister Lavrov also observed that U.S. President Joe Biden’s “free and open Indo-Pacific” concept is not “an equal partnership” and disrupts the regional balance with which the three parties should cope together. [wcj]