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Iran’s Raisi in Moscow Presents Proposal for 20-year Strategic Cooperation

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EIRNS—Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi is in Moscow for an official visit, during which Raisi will be speaking at the State Duma and at the Moscow Cathedral.

In his remarks in meeting with President Vladimir Putin, today, Raisi said: "We have had very good experience in cooperating with the Russian Federation in Syria. We were fighting terrorism in the region, in the Syrian Arab Republic through a concerted effort. We can use this positive experience in many other areas.

“We have a document on bilateral strategic cooperation, which may determine our future relations for the next 20 years. At any rate, it can explain our prospects. This is why we have given this document to our Russian colleagues. We believe this document will certainly determine the long-term prospects for strategic cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation.” He further said that in bilateral trade and also in conjunction with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization—thanking Russia for helping Iran obtain full membership in the SCO—and the Eurasian Economic Union, “Our ties are very deep. I think we can deepen them even further and take productive steps to promote our cooperation in this regard. I think that in these conditions we can launch new cooperation in the economy, politics, culture, science, technology, the defense and military areas, security, and aviation and space, to name a few.” (

Such an Iran-Russia agreement would be equivalent to the 25-year agreement Iran signed with China last year, and confirmed recently in meetings between the two countries’ foreign ministers. [wcj]