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The international Schiller Institute program for the April 9 conference, with leading speakers from around the world, to establish “A New Security and Development Architecture for all Nations.


1) Helga Zepp-LaRouche; Founder, Schiller Institute: Welcome and Keynote, “The Need for a New Paradigm”
2) Amb. Anatoly Antonov, H.E. Ambassador Anatoly Antonov, Ambassador of The Russian Federation to the United States: “The Russian Perspective”
3) Sam Pitroda; Innovator, Entrepreneur and Policy-Maker; U.S./India: “The Need to Redesign the World”
4) Jay Naidoo; Cabinet Minister under President Nelson Mandela, South Africa: "The African Perspective"
5) Chen Xiaohan, Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament: “Shared Future of Mankind”
6) Alessia Ruggeri; Spokeswoman of the Comitato per la Repubblica, trade unionist (Italy): “For a Europe of the Fatherlands with the Peace of Westphalia”
7) P.S. Raghavan, Former Indian Ambassador to Russia: “The Indian Perspective”

Discussion among the panelists


1) Dennis Small; Ibero-American Editor, EIR: “The New Architecture: A Program to Prevent the Starvation of One Billion People Due to the Sanctions”
2) Prof. Justin Yifu Lin; Dean, Institute of New Structural Economics; Dean, Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development; Honorary Dean, School of National Development, Peking University: “China’s BRI: The Rationale and Likely Impacts”
3) Diogène Senny; President of the Pan African League UMOJA Congo, Republic of Congo: “What Africa Expects from the World”
4) Fraydique Alexander Gaitán, President of USCTRAB trade union confederation of Colombia; and Pedro Rubio, Colombian trade union leader: “South America and the New Development Architecture”

Public discussion

BREAK: 45 Minutes


1) Jacques Cheminade; President, S&P, France: “The Peace of Westphalia to Escape the Thucydides Trap”
2) Dr. George Koo; retired Business Consultant; Chairman, Burlingame Foundation: “U.S. Sanctions on Russia and China Are Suicide for the Dollar”
3) Mike Callicrate; Kansas cattleman, policy advocate and the founder and owner of Ranch Foods Direct: “The Cartel Era Is Over – More Sovereign Farmers, Food for All – Double World Food Production”

Public discussion


1) Dennis Speed; Committee for the Coincidence of Opposites, author and long-time leader of the LaRouche movement; “The Urgent Need for a World Health System”
2) Speaker to be announced; “Operation Ibn Sina for the Economic Buildup of Afghanistan”
3) Princy Mthombeni; Communication Specialist, Africa4Nuclear Founder, South Africa: “Energy Security for Africa”
4) Saeed Naqvi; senior Indian journalist, television commentator and interviewer: “Media Role and Responsibility”

Public discussion

Concluding Remarks: Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Sam Pitroda