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Schiller Institute Weekly Webcast
Who Authorized NATO and the EU to Organize a World War?

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SI—Commenting on the joint declaration issued today by NATO and the EU that they are preparing to aggressively counter what they called Russia’s “brutal” aggression and China’s “growing assertiveness,” Helga Zepp-LaRouche asked “Who authorized them” to form a “Global NATO,” which now puts everyone at risk? There was no vote by any nation, she continued, no public debate — this is exactly why no supra-national organization should have so much power.

Given that there is a growing awareness that the Ukraine situation will be “settled on the battlefield” and not through diplomacy — which increases the risk of nuclear war — it is essential that we catalyze public awareness that we are at the last moments before nuclear annihilation could be unleashed. She referred to the important dialogues of the last days, especially the January 10 round table on the implications of Merkel’s Minsk lies, as an example of what must be brought into public awareness.

She called on all viewers to back our initiatives, including signing and circulating the letter endorsing the proposal from the Pope to use the Vatican as a venue for negotiations, as a way of provoking necessary public response. To succeed, it is now necessary “to change attitudes [of citizens] in the western nations.”