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Scholz Flops in Brazil, Voices Emerge Behind New Strategic and Development Architecture

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The failed visit of German Chancellor Scholz to Brazil was described by Helga Zepp-LaRouche as a prime example of how he is out of touch with the “epochal change” underway in the world. President Lula not only rejected his request to provide ammunition to Ukraine, but was at odds with him on joining the “Green Club” and the failed economic policies pushed by the EU. Instead, Lula called for a “peace club” to be formed, and identified leading nations of the Global South as the key to its success.

Scholz is not alone in his delusions. The MICIMATT in the NATO sphere is pushing for not only prolonged war with Russia, but deploying “Global NATO” to take on China. Even on this point, some networks are warning that a prolonged war with Russia is not in U.S. interests. Another important voice calling for an alternative was that of the Pope on his visit to the DRC, where he excoriated those who continue to loot Africa for raw material “wealth”, ignoring the real wealth of the continent, its people! Zepp-LaRouche said these are examples of the new paradigm which is emerging, along the lines of her call for a new strategic and development architecture. She invited the listeners to join that mobilization, by registering for and participating in the Schiller Institute conference on Saturday.