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March 11, 2023 Schiller Institute Conference
Online conference for the young and not so young

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"To End Colonialism : A Mission for All Youth"

Schiller Institute International Online Conference
(Prenez note qu’il n’y aura pas de traduction simultanée en français)

Saturday, March 11

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Schiller Institute founder and chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche has contributed ten principles upon which the new era need be based. Her formulation of her tenth principle reads : "The basic assumption for the new paradigm is, that man is fundamentally good and capable to infinitely perfect the creativity of his mind and the beauty of his soul... and that all evil is the result of a lack of development, and therefore can be overcome." Is this outlook not reflected in these expressions of optimism ? Only those who understand the goodness of man will be able to face evil without flinching.

In 1983, American economist and statesman Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. wrote : “The political foundation for durable peace must be : a) The unconditional sovereignty of each and all nation-states, and b) Cooperation among sovereign nation-states to the ef­fect of promoting unlimited opportunities to participate in the benefits of technological progress, to the mutual benefit of each and all.” That political foundation is now in sight. Some 20 nations have expressed interest in joining the BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. This year, the Belt and Road Initiative turns ten years old, with over 150 countries participating and 3,000 projects launched. What remains is for world citizens to create a miracle : to spur the US to sincerely offer to join this new era.

We gather for this March 11 online conference to organize the youth of all nations to take hold of this mission, and draw forth the fundamental goodness of the human species.